Flamboyant. Warm. Cool Understated. Contemporary. Ethnic. serene. Whatever look you have in mind for your home, however you want to dress it up, trust our versatile range of Curtains to do it for you.


It’s silky sheen lends it the fall and drape of silk. Available in plain, textured stripes, leaf, damask designs in royal colours


Fabrics with a blend of matt and shiny effect. Available mostly in light and soothing pastel shades. Easy on the eye, hence perfect for pairing up with both light and bright coloured walls.


Made of Polyesterm but light and breathable . Elegant swirls, abstracts and blocks contrasted against a light background. The right choice to add life of pale, light-coloured walls.


Largest selling range consisting of prominently textured fabrics. Swirls. Abstract Designs. soft stripes Perfects for the understated look.


Comes with embroidered sheer that complements the main curtains and gives it afabulous fall. Made from multi-coloured yarn giving a young look. Available in funky designs that perk up your walls.


Vibrant colours with a soft shine. Available in texture, ornamental and more prominently, in damask designs. Has a puckering effect that adds a natural feel to your walls.


Intricate weaves with a smooth finish. Available in texture, circle, ornamental, leaf and maple leaf design and a wide range of colours.


From fabric that makes your sofa look like a million bucks or cushions that invite you to get comfortable. Well-chosen Uphoslstery can really change the way you and the world look at your furniture. Go ahead, work your magic with the Siyaram’s range.


A combination of polyester and viscose, looks amazing whether you use it for cushion cover or to cover up the arm-rests. Available in scrolls, diamonds and floral stripes.


The latest and widest rangs from Siyaram’s. Choose from abstract, geometric, leaf, floral to stripes available in natural shade with a desert feel.


Simple yet elegant.Works best for bolsters and cushions. Available in ribs and checks that will be in perfect harmony with any design surroundings-be it the sofa set, the curtains or the well colour.


A premium 100% polyester product. Comes as a picture-perfect co-ordination of dots and plains. Also available in swirls, stripes and ornamental designs.

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